R-MAC from Securitronics

There’s nothing like the power of R-MAC from Securitronics. The cloud-based access control solution meets the needs of small-to-medium businesses, including retail, medical offices, daycare, multi-tenant buildings, warehouses, off-campus housing and any facility with 5,000-square-feet or less to manage.

Select from a variety of hardware, including hands-free proximity or biometrics. It’s easy to budget for and you’ll have controlled monthly costs for all services. Installation and setup of a complete package with control panel, locking hardware and wiring can be accomplished for most customers in a matter of hours. Want more security with surveillance? R-MAC includes a monthly plan to add integrated CCTV to the security of premises.

Affordable monthly plans for every business

  • Professional installation and quick-start
  • No on-site software, server or badge printer required
  • Integrate video surveillance seamlessly
  • Hands-free proximity or high-security biometrics
  • Securitronics-provided system management and comprehensive service contract
  • Options include all hardware, leased or bundled into one easy-to-budget monthly management fee