COO’s Security FAQ: I have a security problem at my facility and need a solution to make it more secure. Where do I begin?


As the COO, the entire operational ecosystem of your company comes first. When a security problem arises, it can impact data integrity, business continuity, and the financial bottom line.


What type of security problem is it?

  • Cyber security
  • Physical security

Who is the threat?

  • Known intruder (insider or close affiliate)
  • Unknown intruder (outsider)

Internal Resources

For a cyber security intrusion challenge, your IT department will be the first resource you consult. They’ll need to work with you and outside firms to resolve the situation. The scale of the situation may be limited to a few computers or company-wide, involving in-house servers or cloud-based service providers.

For a physical security challenge, your security operations team will be a primary resource. They’ll rely on video surveillance recordings and access control activity logs as a common starting point for prevention and investigation.  Once the breach is uncovered, a review of how to prevent similar situations in the future is in order.


No one likes to consider the risk presented by current or former employees. From retail to manufacturing, risk is always present among employees.

Threats from the outside can involve past employees or players separate from your company.

External Resources

Several resources are available to your company. There are three primary categories:

  • Security consultants
  • Security integrators
  • Security manufacturer representatives

All three of these categories exist in both the cyber and physical security realms.

Closing a Physical Security Gap

Closing the gap in a current physical security strategy involves a holistic review of the current security approach and a strategic plan implementation to rectify the uncovered weaknesses.

There are many existing systems and policies to review:

  • Access control software
  • Door control hardware
  • Perimeter detection
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Recorded video
  • Backup systems
  • Intrusion detection
  • Perimeter barriers
  • Hours of operation
  • Employee access requirements
  • Legal regulations

Systems Approach

Creating a security zone around your facility, or specific areas, requires multiple systems and enforceable policies. Physical devices like gates, doors, and turnstiles can present physical barriers that delay, control, or prevent entry. Access control software tracks successful and denied requests for entry in log files that are used to review challenges to the security plan. Intrusion detection systems provide a keypad system to turn on or off specific zones within the facility. Video surveillance footage provides a visual record of attempts to breach the perimeter or sensitive interior areas. Synchronization, and often integration, of these disparate systems allows for smooth daily operations as well as speedy investigations of unauthorized behaviors.

Valued Partners

Internal and external valued partners are a must-have. Trusted advisors provide valuable insight when developing policies and planning for security hardware and software system implementation. Securitronics is a solutions-driven, problem solver, selecting the right technology and integrated security systems design for every vertical market. Solutions include video surveillance, access control, intercom, communications, and intrusion detection systems.

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Looking for Access Control with No Software Licensing? Consider R-MAC for License-Free Access Control


For the past decade or so, security professionals have been slowly moved towards expensive software licenses and ongoing software maintenance agreements by security manufacturers and IT service & software vendors.

Security industry move to licensing

In the security realm, this became prevalent with the introduction of IP video. When analog video matrix switchers were replaced by video management systems (VMS), the manufacturers needed a way to recoup lost revenue from declining hardware sales. The answer was to charge for software licensing, and along with that came annual Software Maintenance Agreements (SMA).

That trend also seems to have been the same for access control manufacturers.

Not everyone’s ok with that change

Enterprise-class security end users who are heavily supported by their IT department are more agreeable to these new licensing plans. Their IT departments are already accustomed to the licensing required for everything from data storage to virtualization and database management.

Smaller companies with security departments that have historically run autonomously have balked at the new trend in security software licensing. Some video security manufacturers have started to offer various alternative solutions and others are sticking to the licensing strategy.

For example, some security surveillance companies sell enterprise class video system software licenses and SMA’s to support those licenses year over year. The same company, in many cases, also provides small “all-in-one” recording devices that have the licenses bundled into the product with one fee and no annual SMA program.

Enter R-MAC for License-Free Access Control

R-MAC is a complete access control solution, from hardware at the door to the web-based graphical user interface and database, that eliminates complex initial and annual licensing fees with a simple, low cost monthly maintenance fee for the entire bundled system.

Plus, you can even add CCTV integration to the system. Integration of access control and CCTV allows a simplified user experience.  This is particularly important when a security officer is operating in a stressful environment.

Cybersecurity and Private Employee Information

Securitronics, manufacturer of R-MAC, delivers innovative, cost-effective solutions that address security’s most demanding concerns, including cybersecurity.  Our established, internal policies and best practices not only protect our network and infrastructure, but ensure we work in a responsible manner with our customers to help mitigate the risk associated with cybersecurity attacks and vulnerability.

Working with Securitronics

Problem-solvers: we’re not just another security system provider. We look at new technologies and examine ways in which they might fit your current and future needs.

Innovation: we provide state of the art security services. Systems that are ideal for your facility and business.

Our goal: we build long-term, lasting partnerships based on absolute trust, personalized attention and services, and the most skilled and talented people available.

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