Applications for Video Surveillance Solutions

Recorded video surveillance used only for a post-incident investigation is a limitation of the past. Today, video surveillance provides a variety of real-time benefits and improved investigation capabilities.

Real-time video can be streamed to your smartphone for verification of real-time alerts and notifications. Network IP cameras yield clear, high definition video images for instant identification and situational awareness. Cameras with video analytics can recognize specific behavior, movement, and other criteria to provide actionable intelligence.

Video surveillance is easily used for business intelligence and safe, secure operations that boost the bottom line.

Video Surveillance Benefits

Video surveillance at building entrances and around sensitive interior areas can be integrated with the access control system to provide video verification of events in real-time. Integration also tags video clips to the log files of the access control system, significantly reducing incident investigation time.

Retail and hospitality businesses can leverage video feeds to improve personnel training, increase accountability, and provide customer traffic analytics for marketing initiatives.

Manufacturing facilities and logistics teams can ensure products, processes, and compliance are at the highest levels. Safety areas can be created with video analytics to generate alerts when those zones are violated, or when invisible fence lines are breached.

Healthcare facilities can monitor sensitive areas like the emergency department waiting room, newborn areas, and the pharmacy. Patient wandering can be investigated. Analytics can assist with patient monitoring, producing immediate alerts if specific behaviors occur.

Dedicated delivery areas in multi-tenant buildings can be monitored for after-hours drop offs or pick-ups, creating a simple alert for verification by building management. The areas can even be secured and unlocked by management remotely following positive video identification.

The benefits of modern video surveillance are endless. A detailed evaluation of your facility and business operations can uncover limitless applications that reduce risk, eliminate vulnerabilities, limit liability, and provide a safe and secure workspace for all occupants. If the worst-case scenario occurs, live video surveillance streams can be viewed by officials and responding agencies to ensure a situationally-aware, speedy, and pinpoint-accurate response to any critical situation.

Security Partnership

Every facility, organization, and application are unique. Stakeholder inclusion and project planning will help you to deploy and maintain the best possible safety and security solution. An experienced security partner is an excellent advantage. A security professional can visit your facility to collaborate with administrators, security staff, IT, department leaders, and other key stakeholders. The resulting plan will be a tailored and comprehensive security solution that improves daily and long-term operations for every department.


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