3 Ways a Security Upgrade Enhances Operations at Your Facility

When applied and maintained by a trusted security partner, a security upgrade not only improves the safety of your facility but also increases productivity and efficiency for every department.

Obvious Benefits

Legacy access control systems enabled an authorized user to wave a card credential in front of a reader at a door to gain entry. Modern access control systems can be upgraded, or legacy systems replaced, to allow for biometric verification. Biometrics virtually ensure that the person entering a protected space is the credential holder. Without biometrics, a stolen or lost card can be used by any person to access sensitive areas.

Video surveillance systems have changed significantly and continue to improve at record speeds. Image resolution is one of the greatest improvements in the security camera market. Only a few years ago, businesses and organizations had to settle for grainy video surveillance recordings. New cameras are capable of ultra-high-resolution images that provide incredibly detailed evidence.

Visitor management systems were once a visitor log book and pen. Visitors would sign in and go about their business. Now, visitors may sign-in electronically to provide identification. This information can be retained for investigations or future visits.

Hidden Gems

The cloud isn’t just for documents and business software platforms. Various access control manufacturers now offer cloud-based access control solutions that eliminate expensive servers and recurring maintenance costs.

Video analytics are making systems smarter. Whether embedded in the camera or applied to video streams at a powerful server, video analysis is a multi-functional operation. Video analytics not only create custom alerts for specific behaviors but also improve the efficiency and efficacy of investigations.

Security camera footage takes up less hard drive space and bandwidth with new compression technologies. And, as you might expect, the cost of data storage hard drives continue to drop on a per-terabyte basis, allowing security professionals to store more high-quality video for longer periods of time.

Time is saved when visitor information is collected before the visitor is scheduled to arrive. It’s easier for meetings to start and end on time when on-site verification is predictable. Plus, modern visitor management systems can include vehicle license plate information, allowing visitors access to the secure garage or parking lot without the need for a guard or lengthy intercom discussion.

The Ultimate Benefit

When every system works together, your security solution is functioning at its best. System integration through custom coding and new industry-standard platforms is an effective way to get the most out of your solution.

Security Partnership

There’s not a one-size-fits-all technology solution that will guarantee security. However, stakeholder inclusion and product demonstrations will help you to present the best possible solution. An experienced security installation partner is an excellent advantage. A security professional can visit your facility to collaborate with administrators, security staff, IT, department leaders, and other key stakeholders. The resulting plan will be a tailored and comprehensive security solution that improves daily and long-term operations for every department.

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