School Security Site Surveys

Security is a top priority for school officials and community leaders.

An experienced security provider should conduct a site survey to identify and evaluate vulnerabilities.

Experienced security providers are versed in industry best practices and can integrate recommendations from law enforcement, fire marshals, and other government entities.

Ideally, surveys are performed on a scheduled basis to uncover vulnerabilities before an incident can occur.

The security provider must understand the school’s anticipated risks before a solution is introduced. A high school with limited existing security, for example, may be concerned about break-ins, while a school with an existing access control system may want to refine their after-hours protocols. Each school is unique, but every school has exiting risks, regardless of their current security capabilities.

Stakeholders that should participate in the discussions about anticipated risks may include:

  • School resource officers
  • Principal and administrators
  • School district authorities
  • Parent and teacher associations
  • IT departments
  • Local law enforcement and fire departments
  • Building and ground departments
  • Local emergency planning departments

The survey will include all areas, inside and outside of the school. Outdoor considerations will include:

  • Playing fields
  • Temporary classrooms
  • Property lines
  • Playgrounds
  • Bus and vehicle lots
  • Student drop-off locations
  • Walking paths
  • Entrances and exits

Inside the building, the site survey will include:

  • Cafeterias
  • Lobbies
  • Gymnasiums
  • Computer labs
  • Hallways
  • Administration and staff offices
  • IT data closets
  • Typical occupants and their access needs
  • ADA requirements

Technologies for indoor and outdoor applications can include:

  • Intercoms
  • Mass communication systems
  • Security cameras
  • Intrusion detection alarms
  • Panic and duress devices
  • Access control software and door control hardware

A comprehensive site survey will ensure that a unified solution is put in place. If a solution is already in place, regularly scheduled site surveys will mitigate new risks and introduce new and improved technologies to replace legacy devices and software.

Security Partner

There’s not a one-size-fits-all technology solution that will guarantee safety. However, experienced security organizations offer an excellent advantage. A security professional can visit your school to collaborate with administrators, security staff, IT departments, and other key stakeholders. The resulting plan will be a tailored and comprehensive security solution.


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