School Security: Benefits of a Fully Automated System

Schools are a criminal target for high profile mass casualty incidents. While schools have a wide range of internal and external security concerns, system automation can save time during a high-risk event.

Integration and Automation

Multiple systems are present on virtually every campus. From security cameras to voice annunciation, disconnected systems can become too much to operate under duress. Integrated systems with automated actions create a unified, easy-to-use solution.

Initial Alert

Regardless of the incident location, it may not be possible to rely on a person under duress to activate a panic button. In these cases, a fully automated system can assist with initial alerts.

Door Control

Door control is achieved with electronic door control hardware. The system operates under normal conditions to allow entry into specific areas of the school by authorized students and teachers with proper credentials. This system maintains a standard level of security during normal classroom hours. In an emergency, the door control system can be locked down, local to each door or remotely at an administrator computer.

Automated Actions

Consider a tiered automated response system with the most reliable gunshot or noise anomaly detection system, standardized door locking hardware that intelligently manages interior movement and accessibility, and integration to a mass notification system that provides directed instructions to school occupants and responding authorities.

In an active assailant situation, the unified systems will react immediately, notifying students and staff that an emergency is unfolding. Emergency responders will be alerted immediately, saving valuable time. Staff, students, and visitors will be clearly informed and can react according to their preparation and training. Assailant movement within the building will be limited, allowing people in other parts of the building to escape through open doors. As responders arrive, they can quickly locate the assailant and stop the situation.

Security camera feeds are automatically brought to the attention of personnel monitoring the video surveillance system. Since there are now hundreds of cameras at schools, it’s important for the system to automatically show the cameras around the alarm or incident.

Notifications are made via text and email to administrators. Local law enforcement can be notified automatically, reducing the response time of nearby police.


The Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection System, by Shooter Detection Systems, immediately detects a shooting event within a building. Upon detection, a digital signal is automatically sent to access control and other integrated systems.

Alertus, the emergency mass notification, and crisis communication system, is triggered automatically through system integration and delivers potentially life-saving audio notifications quickly and clearly to all students and building occupants via desktop computers, public address speakers, digital message boards, mobile devices, and the building fire alarm system.

Security Partner

There’s not a one-size-fits-all technology solution that will render all schools 100% safe. However, engaging an experienced security organization can be a great advantage. A security professional can visit your school and work with administrators and security staff to devise a tailored, comprehensive solution.

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