Intrusion Detection Security Solutions for Banks

Banks maintain very specific hours, so security operations must be very specific as well. An intelligent bank solution will have a custom plan for afterhours, open hours, and while the bank is opening and closing. Let’s look at afterhours operations and the inherent vulnerabilities of opening and closing the bank.


Afterhours intrusion detection, at baseline, may be very similar to other facilities. Motion detectors, glass break detectors, seismic activity detectors, and door contacts are the primary lines of defense. These devices are connected, wired or wirelessly, to an intrusion detection alarm panel within the bank. The alarm panel is connected to an off-site alarm monitoring center via telephone line (POTS), internet, or cellular connection or combination of connections. When one of the detectors within the building senses an abnormality, a signal is transmitted to the alarm monitoring center. Bank staff and local authorities are notified offsite, while an audible alarm is activated locally.

Banks equipped with modern video surveillance systems have an added, pro-active security advantage: video analytics. Modern video analytics, performed within the camera or on a server, can observe the outside of the bank to identify specific human behaviors that aren’t allowed. For example, cameras on the exterior of the building may be programmed to sense loitering around the building. Detection specificity allows the system to identify specific object size range, and to perform additional tasks, such as a broadcasted audio track that alerts the potential intruder to leave the premise immediately. The remote alarm monitoring center can also receive the related video stream to evaluate images and verify an imminent intrusion attempt. If intrusion risk is identified, law enforcement can be notified and given specific information about the location of the potential intruder, as well as a physical description. This level of alarm specificity provides law enforcement with much more information than a normal alarm point activation without video verification.

Opening and Closing Procedures

Opening and closing the bank is particularly dangerous for staff. An employee could be ambushed and forced to assist an intruder under duress. To limit risk, and provide immediate alerting to the remote alarm monitoring facility, security cameras with video analytics and intrusion detection systems should be used.

Security cameras with video analytics provide important information to staff prior to exiting the building. Staff can observe live streams from the cameras on the outside of the building to verify that no one is present around the facility. Also, video analytics can be used to detect suspicious loitering and trigger an immediate alarm notification.

The intrusion detection system can be programmed with dual authentication. Dual authentication requires two bank employees to enter their personal identification numbers into the keypad before the alarm can be disarmed in the morning or armed at night. The first entry upon opening silences the beeping of the alarm. This could give an intruder the false security that the alarm is off. However, the first code simply silences the local keypad beeping sound. The second PIN disarms the facility. Without the second code in less than a minute or two, a silent duress alarm will be sent to the remote alarm monitoring center and law enforcement will be alerted of an active robbery in progress.

Security Rollout

Once a thorough site survey of the bank and surrounding grounds is complete, and rollout plan outlined, we design your customized security and safety solution. Often, multiple technologies are the ideal fit for your application. Plans like this may be rolled out at once or over a strategic timeline. They’re dependent on a variety of factors, from corporate budget guidelines to operational restrictions.

There’s not a one-size-fits-all technology solution that can guarantee 100% safety and security. However, partnering with our experienced and technology savvy organization will give you a significant advantage.

You can count on Securitronics to perform a comprehensive security site visit that will address your most demanding safety and security concerns. We are dedicated problem-solvers, ready to use new and innovative technologies to develop your plans and secure your property, assets, and personnel. Our goal is to build long-term, lasting partnerships based on absolute trust and personalized services with the most skilled and talented security professionals available.

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