The Ideal Alarm and Emergency Communications System

An effective security and safety solution starts with a clear understanding of organizational and operational risks. A strategic security plan can be developed from a comprehensive site survey. With a clear understanding of facility use, occupancy, and risks, the design of an intrusion detection and emergency communications system can avoid problems and recognize key technological advantages.

Electronic security measures are deployed to secure the perimeter of the building, while emergency communication systems are deployed within the building and parking garages.

These systems detect disturbances under predefined conditions and send alerts to a central monitoring station when the system is armed. After detection, concise emergency messages inform employees and visitors of the emergency and provide instructions per the facility’s emergency operations plan.

Most intrusion detection systems can be used for perimeter security; however, areas within a facility may be highly sensitive and require security beyond simple building perimeter detection systems. For example, there may be areas where money, data, or valuable records are stored. An advanced system can disarm the perimeter of the building while maintaining the armed status of one or more special zones within the facility. To disarm highly critical areas, the system may require a special personal identification code.

When an emergency is activated in the facility, appropriate messaging is simple and immediate. High-performance emergency communications systems provide clear instructions to occupants, given the type and location of the emergency. An active assailant situation on a large campus, for example, may require that the messages sent to each building are different. The building containing the active assailant may need to be evacuated while nearby buildings are put into lockdown. Intelligent solutions never limit an organization to a single emergency communication.


A comprehensive vulnerability assessment and site survey uncovers potential threats. The resulting security plan will prescribe a unified security and emergency notification solution. Unified solutions integrate a variety of technologies that provide security for occupants, video surveillance for live monitoring and recording, access control for doors, and clear voice annunciation.

There’s not a one-size-fits-all technology solution that can guarantee 100% safety. However, an experienced security organization will give you a significant advantage. A security professional can visit your location and work with administrators and security staff to devise a tailored, comprehensive solution.

You can count on Securitronics to perform a comprehensive security site visit that will address your most demanding safety and security concerns. We are dedicated problem-solvers, ready to use new and innovative technologies to develop your plan and secure your property, assets, and personnel. Our goal is to build long-term, lasting partnerships based on absolute trust and personalized services with the most skilled and talented security professionals available.

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