School Security Options for Cafeterias

Cafeterias are incredibly vulnerable. While classrooms and other smaller areas have the security of a door, cafeterias are more open and accessible. The open environment of a cafeteria poses a unique set of security challenges.

The most reliable security resource is school staff, or a resource officer, present to monitor and react to any situation. When it comes to electronic security, the cafeteria has limited options. Access control and intrusion detection systems have limited applicability, whereas video surveillance, panic buttons, and voice notification systems can be effective.

Video Surveillance

Live video can be viewed by administrators and security staff to verify that all is normal in the area. Recorded video can be used to investigate an incident. Alerts created by panic buttons or other integrated systems can prompt specific camera streams or snapshots for review.

Panic Buttons

Panic buttons can be placed strategically throughout the cafeteria. When activated, panic buttons cause a series of automated actions. Video cameras are automatically viewed, audio instructions are provided throughout the entire school, administrators and security staff are alerted via text of the specific location of the incident, and local authorities can be notified to respond.

Voice Notification

When a facility-wide emergency occurs, integrated systems can release automated voice messages over speakers throughout the facility, prompting lock-down proceudres,  emergency shelter in place, and trained responses.

There’s not a one-size-fits-all technology solution that will guarantee 100% safety, but working with an experienced security organization will give you a significant advantage. A security professional can visit your school and work with administrators and security staff to devise a tailored, comprehensive solution.

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