Deploying a New Security System Part 3: Deployment

Part 3 of our series looks at the deployment phase of a new security system purchase. During demonstrations and proposal meetings, the technical ability of an integrator’s sales and engineering team are often uncovered. Additionally, organizations will consider evaluating the installation capabilities of the integrator. References should be requested for similar systems and designs.

Here are a few key considerations:

• Are references from similar vertical market applications or are they from unrelated markets?
• Are previous projects of a similar size and scope?
• Were previous projects completed according to the initial timeline?
• If delays were encountered, were they the result of integrator shortcomings or third party, unavoidable circumstances?
• Was the integrator able to overcome unforeseen challenges in a professional and technically competent manner?
• Is the integrator trained by the manufacturer to perform the installation of this specific system?
• Are the onsite installers manufacturer trained? Does the integration company possess the certification?
• Is the integrator financially sound and able to procure, stage, and install the system?
• Does the installation team have the required safety and OSHA certifications?

Inquire about a regularly scheduled maintenance program that will keep the system updated and functioning properly. Software and firmware updates will need to be performed on a scheduled basis. If this is an integrated system, maintenance will need to be coordinated across multiple manufacturers to ensure the system continues to perform as expected after updates are completed. Also, remember that the system will go through physical wear and tear. Physical inspections and cleanings will need to be performed regularly.

Comprehensive Consideration

The three primary phases of a security system deployment are an outline to ensure a successful security solution is in place and meets the operational requirements of the entire organization.

Securitronics is uniquely positioned to support security solutions of all sizes. From banking to manufacturing, our team has the experience to ensure a successful deployment. Securitronics is solution-driven, and known for selecting the right technology and integrated security systems design for every vertical market. Solutions include video surveillance, access control, intercom, communications, and intrusion detection systems.

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