New Technology Challenge: Equipment Demonstrations


It’s important to set clear system performance expectations when contemplating a system upgrade or replacement.

Equipment demonstrations can take place at a variety of technical levels:

  • Tabletop
  • Proof of Concept
  • Pilot Program

Tabletop Demonstration

A tabletop demonstration is the most basic way for a security director to see a system first-hand. In some cases, this is all the director needs to see the new technology and envision how it will be deployed as part of the overall security strategy. However, many systems require a deeper-dive to fully understand the technology, how it operates, how it integrates into other systems, and how it performs during an emergent situation as part of an emergency response plan.

Proof of Concept

A proof of concept demonstration is an on-site simulation of a user-specific situation. For example, the demonstration of a new surveillance camera may need to be performed during the night or in harsh weather. Such specific environmental circumstances cannot be replicated during a tabletop demonstration in a conference room.

Pilot Program

A pilot program is the ultimate proof of concept. Hardware and/or software are deployed on location and evaluated for a set period within an isolated part of the facility. Stakeholders can witness the system operating at all times in a variety of environmental and operational conditions. For example, a perimeter intrusion detection system can be deployed on a few sections of fence to demonstrate performance in varying temperatures, wind, and precipitation.

Bottom Line: Partnership

It is always reasonable to expect a demonstration of system functionality before a purchase.  A reputable security integrator will provide an appropriate system demonstration, often in conjunction with the manufacturer’s technical representative.

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