How ‘Smart Security Cameras’ Benefit Business

Old security cameras sent low-quality video surveillance footage to be recorded and played back after something bad happened. Today, high resolution security cameras work with video analytics to streamline security operations and keep security staff focused on unauthorized behavior.

Security cameras can also be used to analyze anonymous customer habits in retail environments and enhance the customer experience in the service industry, emergency departments, movie theaters, and more. They can also help with workplace safety by shutting down machinery or redirecting vehicles when a safety threat is present. Plant, manufacturing, and warehouse workers can be warned when they are entering restricted areas by triggering audible or visual alerts.

Video analytics improve retail operations, and the customer experience, by helping managers to keep an eye on checkout lines. A notification can be sent from the video system to management, alerting them that additional lanes need to be opened. Movie theater management can be notified when a long line has formed at the ticket counter, prompting them to open additional ticket windows. Likewise, once inside, movie goers gather at the food and beverage areas. Long and slow lines can result in a decrease in sales. By recognizing the right time to open a new register, theater operators keep guests moving through every part of their visit.

In emergency departments, smart cameras can count how many people are in the waiting room. Notifications are sent to the charge nurse so that the appropriate resources are dedicated to triage, speeding up patient care. Vehicles parked in patient drop-off areas can delay patients and even become a safety risk. Security can be notified when a vehicle is left in a “no parking” zone for too long.

Industrial facilities are continually evaluating environmental safety to protect employees and visitors, and ensure compliance with industrial safety regulations. Facility pathways can be monitored by smart surveillance cameras that know the difference between a vehicle and a person. The cameras create email, audio, and visual alerts when a person is entering a hazardous area within the facility. Likewise, the cameras can create alerts when a vehicle is outside of normal operating areas, such as a predetermined driving path. Smart cameras can also determine when a tractor trailer loading dock is occupied or is ready for the next delivery. Employees approaching dangerous machinery can also be warned with visual and audio cues that are based on virtual line crossings or danger zone intrusions.

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